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Hey, everyone. This is Rhonda. I wanted to update everyone on my most recent doctors appointment. I went to my dentist in May, and during my cleaning and check-up, my hygienist and dentist could not find any white patches in my mouth. I then went back to MUSC in early June to see my doctor. He and 4 other people, (his assistant and 3 interns) gave my mouth a very good look over. None of them could find any evidence of the PVL coming back. They took a lot of pictures, too. ( ... I know My mouth is in a book somewhere) That would have made almost a year in which the disease had not returned. It had never been more than 3 months after biopsies or surgeries that there was a reoccurrence. This is very good news. That means I can proceed with getting dental implants now. That process has already started. I hope to have the implants before the end of the year. Now I need to find a way to pay for them.
I asked my doctor about this disease coming back. It is known for its reoccurring. He said that it can always come back, but with the support system I have, with everybody checking my mouth at least every 6 months, that if a new spot does pop up, we will just get it out like we did the last time. He told me that there was a man in the next room, that didn't have that support and he was in a mess. Thank you God for my dentist, hygienist, oral surgeon and MUSC staff, that have taken such good care of me, but especially thank you for for the prayers! I know the power of answered prayers. white first communion outfits for flower girl
God Bless you all,

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