white colored items to wear of the beach

i received an email from my boss, Elroy Smith . a listener Vinn from SoCal streams my show all the time and wrote a letter to my boss to show me love. i was overwhelmed with confusion. why me? but as i started to write him a letter… white colored items to wear of the beach Robby came up with an idea ???? "make a video/ make it personal. thats a real G-Mo Thing to do" ???????? his words, not mine. lol… so, today i put my director hat on and got in my zone. i emailed him this video. i love my listeners. thank you. damn. SoCAL tho? hell yea. ???????? ???????? {Donovinn95 "Vinn" - thank you for being a loyal listener from Southern California. Love Light & Respect to you and your loved ones} # ToTheBayAreaAndBeyond # Q102SF Q102

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