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Rape Story No. 2

Mothers guide and guard your daughters like mother hen.

From Auntie Olu Bunmi 's Timeline

From my inbox. This is her telling her mum what happened to her for the first time. I hope Mum has her back.

I was with my dad then. He was married to my step mom. She had an elder brother that lived with us. One day,when I was in primary 3,8 yrs old..I got back home and went to sleep. I had slept for a while when I woke up and saw him stark naked..I wanted to scream he covered my mouth and said he'll buy me sweets. I was still struggling when I felt pain..that's all I can remember... All I dared to remember. I don't want to know details. Woke up and noticed I had been bathed. Soap behind ears,hastily wiped dry..couldn't find my pants and uniform. My clothes has been changed too. I went and told my stepmother.
She asked if I saw anything in my private part I said only blood and wound. She said it was all my fault that I sleep too much.
I told my sis and she was shattered.. She was the one that tried to explain that what happened to me was very bad. I was very sad after that.

Aunty I can't remember for how long I was sad about that incident but one day,there was commotion in the house and he was crying and screaming. I tried to eavesdrop but my young brain didn't understand much. It was later that my sister explained to me that some men did exactly what he did to me to his first daughter who was just a year older than I am. They threw her in the gutter after that. She survived it though.

In 2011, I was in a family friend's house because I had to go to work from there. My spirit never accepted it but my mom said it was OK so I went to live there for a while. While there,the man's eldest son became friendly with me. I loved book,he would give me some then movies. With time,he introduced me to drinking..I had sex with him a few times. Yes I did. His birthday approached and he decided to celebrate aunty,at the birthday party the elder sis handed me a small disposable cup of her special drink to 'taste' for her. I took two sips and told her it tasted nice. That was all I remembered. At some point I felt her kissing me. Then they took me to the car.I could hear their voices like it was from the end of a tunnel. I couldn't move my body..they were moving me. I can't remember what they did in the car but I know I woke up at midnight and his cousin was having sex with me. I passed out again. Woke up in the morning. Pains all over. Long story short, after a few weeks,I was feeling ill so I went to company hospital and they ran tests. I was pregnant. I left the house then. Couldn't tell my mother what happened because I knew if I did and she blames me,I'd have been suicidal. what wedding apparels to wear for 2nd wedding bride
I got rid of the pregnancy.

I think I'm over it all but I have left a lot of guys just because they admired a girl child. It just sends the message that they want to molest the child to me.
Rape is evil.