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I come from a family full of divorces & broken hearts, Friends too. Not just friends & family, Over the many years working retail the break room was full of chatter of which coworkers were dating, who was cheating on who, how good or bad they were as a person or in bed lol

After a few bad relationships or disappointing relationships I decided that I would rather be lonely than miserable. And I was not lonely until someone told me I must be lonely lol, (brainwashing) or whenever I saw a romantic comedy, or POWER COUPLE in business, that worked together around strengths and weaknesses to build better life and financial empire lol

People would feel bad for me when I said I wasn't dating anyone. They would say I am running out of time, that I was missing out, suggest someone they knew but it would always be a bad match, no offense they smoked or already was in an abusive relationship or had kids from the bad relationship. Thinking that I was nice guy. But I'm thinking they should have found a nice guy to begin with and why my must I be given the baggage. Lucky me what a catch.

I heard every lewd thing, that they have already been broken in. etc. And that all the wildness is out of them they are ready for a stable guy and relationship. And that I was just stuck up if I did not give it a chance. On and on. even after I got through explaining that I wasn't perfect finically or spiritually myself that they need someone better than me.

Frustrated I went online and had a few online long distance relationships that didn't workout.

I continued trying my luck on dating sites, even the ones that show international matches, many said my ideal match was in another country, JUST GREAT! Another long distance relationship.

So I decided to keep working on my own issues hoping that would attract the right person or something good.

I also continue to fight the urge to do as many others I know do and go out to a local night club or bar find a lonely women or spawn with the teens that come down to panama city for spring break. Again no offense. LOL Some people I know are like kids in a candy store when they visit night clubs, bars, and strip clubs.

On the opposite side of the night life I even get invited to churches to meet nice women. I am a Christian but some of those women are crazy and want a relationship with Jesus not you like in the Superman comics when Lois is more interested in superman than Clark Kent........Poor Clark. So as long as you talk about bible verses you can keep their attention. I know I am being too broad but I seem to attract crazy women even good kind hearted crazy women. wedding pieces with detachable skirt

I even started joining Facebook groups that shared my interest looking at the female members they were either taken, crazy, or really didn't believe in the group they joined, just a curious joiners.

I really thought I would find a good relationship when I rejoined the military but many military women are just as unstable as civilian women., again I am far from perfect myself.

These days I'm back to the drawing board when it comes to dating.

That's continuing to keep trying to fix my life. and keep an eye out for opportunities.

Not giving up or telling others to give up. But I do not want to compromise, or get into bad relationships like so many and find someone just so I'm not lonely.

After the positive things that happened when I posted my problems finding a good job, a good job came my way so I believe in the power of social media to reach out make contact with the right persons.

I would like to go steady and study with someone, a study buddy, share an apartment. work during the day, exercise and go to college, or study certifications etc. building a resume to get a better income. Eventually 6 figure income job, to eventually start my own business or more. etc. Someone to combine my boredom and restlessness with to create something positive.

Even someone temporary until we both build ourselves up to be able to get who or what we really want in life.