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This isn't what you expect to see at 11 weeks. But this what you see when your body plays a cruel sick joke on you. This is what you see when you are pregnant but the baby doesn't grown. Sperm met egg and started to divide, because you can see growth on the right side, but for some reason this baby wasn't meant to come to Earth. wedding bridals couture in royal blue
At 11 weeks we are measuring 5 weeks and 6 days with no growth and declining hormone levels. Over a week ago we started to lose our baby when I started to have very heavy bleeding. We hoped my body would take care of it on its own. However Monday will be the day this is over.
Please understand this is a huge loss for us, as so badly we were trying to expand our family. We wonder why this happened, but the answer we get is "it just happens sometimes".
Thank you to those few that helped us through this and checked in on us. We do plan on trying again, but we need to get through this first.

I am fine. Darrin is fine. We have each other and will get through this together. But really, we are fine.