toddler wears for flower girl

There is no worse feeling than seeing your child be so ill and knowing you're doing all you can to make them comfortable. We've been alternating Tylenol and Motrin as directed by her pediatrician, we've done luke warm baths and cloths on her body, and we've made sure she's drinking her fluids to avoid dehydration, but here we sit at 2:45am with our poor baby burning up so hot I could almost fry an egg on her skin, her tired body trembling, and her whole body using every muscle it has to vomit when she has absolutely nothing inside to bring up. We are going on day 3 of very little to no sleep because we are too afraid to close our eyes knowing our baby is like this. We took her to the ER lastnight and were sent home after being told that "fevers are normal" and "they don't worry about them, regardless of how high the number on the thermometer is," what?! She's 2, TWO, puking her brains out and only sleeping, not willing/wanting to interact with any of us. I've never, EVER been told that's normal, nor have a I ever met an RN or a doctor that felt so strongly about their advice. To say we are frustrated is an understatement. Please continue to send prayers for her to feel better soon! toddler wears for flower girl