short white lace wedding dress

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I would like to invite everyone that will be looking for a special gift to JC'S Gift Shop. We are located at 4427 De Zavala Rd. S. A. Tx.78249. JC'S GIFT SHOP is Next to the Barber shop location at the Shavano Square Plaza. We are open Monday - Friday 9am-7pm and Sat. 10am -7pm.
We feature merchandise assortments representing the best in retail shopping lines of product. You'll see everything from Baby Shower items, Children Clothing, accessories, personal care items, gifts, snacks, sleepwear to flowers arrangements and new & used Books.

JC'S Gift Shop and Alterations provides a variety of custom sewing and alterations services, including dress hems, pant hems, bridal gown alterations, prom dress alterations, military patches, and much more, all conveniently located in the Shavano Square Plaza of San Antonio, Tx.!

JC'S Alterations is now conveniently located at 4427 De Zavala Rd. in San Antonio just one block south of the St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church across from Valero Corner Store location.

Please let us do your Alterations!

Here are a few of the services we provide on a daily basis:

Hems, Cuffs, Let Out Waist, Take Up Waist, Replace Linings, Repair Zippers, Sew On Buttons, Patches, Wedding Dress Alterations, Prom Dress Alterations, Formal Wear Alterations, Suit Alterations, Pants Hems, Custom Halloween Costumes, Custom Sewing, Drapery, Seat Cushions, School Uniform Alterations, Dance Costumes Alterations, Shorten Sleeves, Repair Bedding short white lace wedding dress

4427 De Zavala Rd. in San Antonio, Texas, 78249. We also offer sewing classes.