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My Son is the Face of Sickle Cell

Just b/c I'm silent
Don't mean I'm not in pain
Just b/c I'm silent ...
Don't mean I'm not wishing that all this go away
The aching pain through my body
I'm screaming up inside
I know I have to fight it
Blood transfusions and Dr visits is the norm
To make sure my body is right
Just praying that I'll be alright
Don't go outside when it's hot
Drink plenty of water
Don't get overheated
How am I suppose to be normal
How am I suppose to be a boy
And do all the things boys my age do
Oh and take your meds, you don't want to get sick
How much sicker I can get
When I'm already living like this
My blood isn't normal
When it passes through my body it hurts
I hope it makes up its mind
So I can feel good all the time
I hate this disease
I hate the pain
I hate that there's only limited things that can be done
We need more research
We need more cures
We need more Blacks to donate blood
So this disease can be understood
Education and research is the key
So I can be sickle Cell Free
I'm just trying to get someone to hear me

Please donate blood and bone marrow
Sickle Cell patients get multiple blood transfusions to help prevent some complications, and severe anemia. short and mini items in red

Bone marrow transplant is the only known cure to treat sickle cell disease!

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