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You Are A Daughter of The King
Listen Lady-in-waiting, you are a daughter of the King. So no matter what the world says that in this season you should bring. Your Father is in charge of your biological clock. So you don't have to panic or be half naked like you work on the block. You don't have to compromise what you know to do, just to have half a man cause you want a Christmas boo. prom dresses for tall girls
You can breathe and relax and let Your Almighty King, be the One who hears your voice as Christmas bells ring. You cannot make things happen or make God move, but loneliness and hormones by His Spirit He can soothe.
There is a time already etched in the plan, when God has ordained you to have a man. But He wants you to experience Him so much more, so traveling through this season won't be an emotional chore.
Get busy, move, be about Your Father's work. You are the perfect one to eliminate the devil's pain and murk. There are people waiting and places for you to be, God wants to use your creativity.
Lose yourself in His presence and truly surrender your heart and watch how He'll use you to touch someone's heart.
You are the King's daughter to you I salute, make your mark in this life, Girl play your flute!!