pink colored items of the cocktail to wear

35 mill people in Canada. A 1st World nation. 35 Million Africans in America. All we do is march for stuff when people do us wrong. Stop wasting time and lets just start a new country. Introducing " Blackastan" We will be called Blackastani. I got the blue print. pink colored items of the cocktail to wear

1. Colin Kap can be the 1st President or Obama. You guys pick.
2. We will all get brand new credit.
3. We will have brand new sports franchisees with the best players. New NFL, New NBA
4. We will not have to watch hockey highlights or winter Olympics on TV ever.
5. Tyler Perry and Oprah will make all the TV programs.
6. All restaurants will serve spicy food and we will never have to ask for extra hot sauce on anything.
7. We will have a booming economy because we are already a consumerist culture.
8. No more racism immediately.
9. NAACP can run the national education program.
10. We can be a tax free communist democracy. Yes its a thing. We would all own the country but vote on leadership.
11. Nation of Islam and the Black Hebrews would run the military. Might as well.
12. All drug stores would have black hair products.
13. We would have our own black Hollywood.
14. We would still have black churches.
15. People from war torn countries would be welcome because we really are not scared of ISIS.
16. Our political parties would be based on ideology and not oppression.
17.We would get our Oil from Africa. Our Gold from Africa and everything else from Africa.
18. Our currency would be an internal fiat currency backed by licensing rights to our entertainment industry.
19. We would need a multi trillion dollar grant from the world bank all colonial nations and Nigeria, South Africa, Libya, and Ghana.
20. So the question is where would this new country be? I have some ideas.~ Bishop W Brereton ~