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Tomi's wedding day...

As she put on her wedding gown, Her friends stared at her.

'Tomi, see your dress!'

Tomi stared back at Kemi whose eyes widened in shock. 'What's wrong with my dress. My chest is covered. My arms too. So what's the problem?'

Gladys laughed and quietly sat on the edge of the bed. 'See the stones on the dress.'

'What's wrong with it a sin? After all I showed them the dress last week and they were fine with it.'

Kemi leaned forward. 'Was Mummy Ajibola there?'

Tomi frowned. 'Who is she? Oh that busy body woman? The one that embarrassed Alice in front of the other youth workers? No she wasn't there. I showed Mummy Oladipupo. She loved the gown. She even took pictures of it.'

Kemi raised her hand to heaven. 'Oh Lord, we ask that from this very moment, let Mummy Ajibola begin to purge. As she wants to enter the car, let her stomach begin to make terrible noise.'


'She must not come to this wedding.'


Tomi shook her head. 'You guys are not serious. I don't think that woman is that bad.'

'Ah! Tomi, that woman almost ruined my wedding. God be with you o.'

Dami, Tomi's sister rushed in. 'Tomi, it's time. Let's go.'

The moment the car pulled up in front of the admin block of the church where the brides and grooms were to meet, Tomi's heart cut when she saw Mummy Ajibola standing at the entrance, frowns covering her face. For some seconds, Tomi sat in the car, hoping she would leave the entrance and go inside. But she stood there watching as the two other brides walked through the entrance. Tomi climbed down from the vehicle and acting confident, marched towards the admin block. pageant celebrity garments for girls

'Stop there!What is this you are wearing?'

Tomi heart pounded. 'A wedding gown.'

'Where do you think you want to wear it to? Inside this Holy church. God Forbid. You better go back home or you go to the toilet and begin to remove the shine shine things on that cloth now now. See the length of your gown for God's sake. Were you not born in this church?'

Tomi's sister who also served as her best lady, faced the elderly woman. 'What is wrong with what she is wearing? Everything is covered for goodness sake.'

'Will you shut up! How dare you talk to me like that. Except she changes her dress, she will not wed in this church!'

Tears began to run down Tomi's face. The other brides peeped from inside watching the drama unfold. 'Please ma. I'm begging you. This is my wedding. I don't have another gown to wear.'

Tomi's fiance came out in his Navy blue suit. 'What's going on here?'

'She said I must change my gown.'

He charged at the woman. 'What rubbish is this? Where is Mummy Oladipupo. '

He was just about to go back in when Mummy Oladipupo rushed out with one of the other brides. She pulled Tomi into her arms.

'Stop crying. It's your wedding Tomi. Today is your day of joy. Let's go inside.'

'I've told her to change the dress. We will not allow the world to come into the church. She will change that dress. What are we turning the church into?'

'Tomi get inside, I'll talk to her.'

As they all sat with drawn faces inside the inner room, waiting for the commencement of the ceremony, the officiating ministers entered the room, smiling. But their smiles were returned with frowns. After a while, Mummy Oladipupo entered, her face glowing from happiness.

'Smile now. Haba. It's your wedding day o. You wouldn't want to go into that church with bitterness and resentment. OK. Can the brides step out for a second?'

When the brides had gathered around her just outside the entrance door, she pulled them into her arms. She placed her hand on Tomi's shoulder as she cracked a joke. They all burst into laughter.

'Ladies, are you ready for this?'

'Yes!' They shouted, excitedly.

When they returned into the inner room, Tomi's finance called out to the cheerful woman.

'Mummy, ko da bayi o.don't you have some words for the boys. It's partiality o.'

The three brides laughed.

Tomi turned to Mummy Oladipupo and hugged her tight. 'Thank you ma. I love you.'

'I love you too.'

....May the Lord raise women whose hearts are concerned with helping younger women grow than keeping the traditions of men. May we have 'mummies' filled with grace whose desire is to help wives find fulfilment and joy in their homes.

...that the older women be models of goodness. That by looking at them, the younger women will know how to love their husbands, be virtuous and pure, keep a good home and be good wives. We don't want people looking down on God's message because of their behaviour..Titus 2:3-5 (MSG)

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