mint green colored dress for party usage

So the washing was hungoot in the garden in warm sunshine.You might have thought this was a typical August morning.Birds were singing, there was just the slightest breeze and all was well with the world. Ignoring the fact that a dry washing equals an ironing session, one went off to work.
The talk was of weddings. One colleague remembered one had requested seeing a photo of her in wedding guest apparel and did not disappoint.Wearing a teal floaty long dress and contrasting cream pashmina, she had transformed into a beautiful young lady.
Another commented about the wedding of one of her Asda Ace's colleagues and said the Bride looked fabulous. So did her husband, a helpful big lad who everyone likes.
Then one enjoyed seeing pics on FB of one's glam boss Jill and her handsome husband, Rian who looked the perfect wedding guests and also kindly posted a beautiful picture of the Bride who wore a stunning gown and looked like a fairy tale princess.
So hey, romance is alive and well, thank goodness. Congratulations to all Brides and Grooms this day.Thank you for sharing some of your photographs.
The euphoria of romance disintegrated a bit when one came home to find the showers had soaked the washing.
The bad news?Several times over. Know something? It can stay there until it dries. Good news is that one no longer requires to have an evening of ironing.
Incidentally, are you a member of the "wish you hadn't said that" club?
Dandy Jim happened to appear earlier. He was wearing the exact outfit one raved about yesterday."That's the same outfit you had on yesterday," one thoughtlessly commented. He shook his white spiked head ruefully."Wish ah hud changed." Still, have to say he was immaculate."Ah jist ran the iron over the shirt," he confided.
Then one made a comment about someone not wearing a tie, albeit in a private email. The person looked absolutely fine but yours truly is such a stickler for formality that one thought a collar and tie would have been more appropriate for the occasion.But was it necessary to make a remark? Nah! Bad form.And yes, one is aware your High Grants and your Gerard Butlers go tie-less. mint green colored dress for party usage
Where on earth does one get the idea one has a right to make comments about other people's outfits? Apologies if any feelings were hurt. Mean well.
Considering one has just bought a black leather-ish jerkin and wore this with jeans and boots and a cashmere sweater, oh and golden hoop earrings, the phrase "mutton dressed as lamb" springs to mind.
.Feel free to use it.One will not mind in the least. Taureans have thick skins, especially those of us with obligatory wrinkles!