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Good morning all up said my morning prayers for all thanked the creator for all blessings long life good relationships good health said a prayer for the elders babies youth teenagers for the sick the ones fighting cancer diabetes lupus addiction depression anxiety ptsd thyroid MS for heart problems knee problems back problems for for the folks hurting from loss of love ones for the ones struggling with suicide that they will get help for the struggling with strokes for the homeless the ones in jail for the folks struggling with financial problems for the folks just struggling with everyday problems for the folks in the hospital the folks going through surgery today for the firefighters that are out there making some cash watch over them for there safety for the farmers and ranchers for all they do to help feed our country for our Tribal leaders for the service men and women for all there sacrifices for our country for my 3 sisters and there family's for my nieces and nephews that all goes good for them today for all the folks at the pow wows that they all have a good time with family and friends for my wife kids grandkids family friends treat people good for you never know when it's your time be good to one another help one for you never know said a prayer for my self last hope you all have a safe and blessed mature ladies wedding apparels in tea length