long sleeves wears with lace

I am not one who rants on Facebook. That being said this is probably going to be a longer post so keep scrolling if you really don't want to read it. I took today off to recuperate from this weekend in Nashville and try and help get max and the new dog I am keeping for a few months adjusted. I went and had lunch with my man and then went to try and get my nails redone. Sense I was just planning on relaxing today I didn't dress in anything more than a pair of workout pants and a loose tank top with a ball cap (your hair flys everywhere in a jeep with the top off) and a pair of flip flops. By no means dressy and more comfortable than casual. Again I wasn't planning on being out long today and I by no means looked like I hadn't showered or didn't care about my appearance at all. Anyways moving on...So any lady who gets their nails done know those bad boys only last a couple weeks and I had stretched mine to last a month. They had to get done today. Nowhere in Greeneville could do it so I went to a place in Johnson City. It was a smaller salon but they were great and immediately got my nails soaking so they could be redone. Granted I knew it would take longer sense I was starting fresh today and I was prepared to be there for a while. No problem there. The issue came into play when I was almost done and two women walk in stating that they have appointments for pedicures. They do a look up and down judgmental exam of me and take their places at the seats they were told to go to. Whatever, I'm almost done and my nails look good again. I literally feel like a new woman, that is until I hear the two women "whisper" about my choice of clothes for the day. Stating they can't believe that anyone would go out in gym clothes and that a ball cap wasn't hiding what must be a horrible hair color. Now I am completely done with my nails and the only other customer besides them in the salon. And yes I'm rather aggravated and ticked. 5 mins ago I was so excited about my nails and feeling pretty again and these two fancy women are ruining this enjoyable experience at a new salon. I can feel them watching me as I pay the nail tech and decide I really don't have to listen to this. I turn around and smile at them and say this (not word for word and cleaned up a bit honestly for the readers of Facebook) long sleeves wears with lace

"High school is over for most people in this room and I can see it has been over for the two of you for a while. As you have sat there and judged me for my outfit choice of the day thinking your very LOUD whispering couldn't be heard or that I was oblivious to your judgmental starring you have almost ruined what good experience I had at this new salon. I would highly suggest you take yourselves down a few levels and stop acting like you are still in high school and grow up!"

What's the moral of this rant. Simply this...stop judging! It doesn't do any good to be mean to anyone and only serves to make the world a more hateful place. Just be nice, or better yet keep your thoughts to yourself. Your words could save a life or be what pushes someone over the edge they have been teetering on for a while. Don't be the reason to ruin someone's day.