long sleeve wears in white

Quick Update I have lost 2 bs, this past month. Elizabeth has added Naltrexone to my regimen and it is really helping to control my cravings. So Now I am on metformin, Wellbutrin, and naltrexone for weight loss. If you have been following this page, the Wellbutrin/naltrexone combination is what is in Contrave the medication that gave me hallucinations, but we have split it up now and I am taking a lower dose of the naltrexone than what is in Contrave. Voila! I am in the sweet ... spot. It is working! Dave has even noticed that I am not eating as much. Ususally not as hungry in the evening as I was, and even skip dinner some times. Lisa moved back to Denver yesterday so My house is my own again, so to speak. I have already started dancing to YouTube videos in my livingroom on the big screen. Internet wifi on your TV is a good thing! I have one of those Sony Boxes now that lets you access YouTube, and Netflix, Hulu ect......Lots of exercise videos on YT and Netflix. Things are looking up for me! long sleeve wears in white

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