little white dresses


A volunteer writes: She has tiny little white chin whiskers just like my Aunt Lotte; I had to meet this sweet girl! Koko is a tiny little girl, her coat a lush, deep, deep brown with bronze highlights, her weight perfect for her size, her little chiclet teeth showing slightly when she smiles. Happy to be leashed for a walk as she waited up front in her kennel, she pottied outside (and may be curb trained as she hopped off the sidewalk to do her ‘big business’), but per the person who found her, she may need some positive reinforcement on her housetraining skills. Her leash manners are lovely as her little butt gets all wiggly, greeting both new and old friends, her tail gently wagging. A sweater against the cold morning air, she’s easy to handle and snuggles close as we dress. Off leash, Koko liked to stay close before venturing off to explore the pen, play with some toys, and enjoy a game of tug with me. Koko -1, Volunteer -0. Koko deftly hops up on the bench (I was impressed as us short girls find heights challenging) for some on-lap cuddles before hopping down to greet staff walking a small dog. She’s a quiet little girl, loving company, a bit of playtime and lots of cuddles. Shouldn’t she be yours? little white dresses

KOKO – 16222 SUPER URGENT 1/15/