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7/31- Patti had a full day with feeding tube insertion and CT. Found out she has 12 cracked ribs and sternum from the CPR (Ouch!), so lots of pain in chest area, but she is getting some good nutrition. She did great all day and just needed to control BP and pain. Suddenly at 7p she couldn't respond except look at us. Turns out her CO2 levels were really high and seditives probably pooled since she couldn't clear it since she was not getting enough O2. It was pretty scary for latest 2018 prom party gowns in tea length ... a couple of hours till she got some narcan and She is doing ok now after Cpap treatment an O2 up to 10. We are all here helping her through this as she has to cough up a ton of gunk in her lungs to get them clear and working properly again. Thank you for continued prayers and support. You love is felt and so appreciated even if we cannot tell you directly or in person.

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