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Perhaps we can call this electromagnetic castration?

"Male infertility

Nowadays, a cell phone is being kept very close to groin area by human, like near the testis such as trouser pocket is commonly used for carrying mobile phone [17]. Electromagnetic waves have a harmful effect on male sex organs and sperm. These radiations can cause changes in shapes, motility and number of sperms. Radiations from cell phone can harms to the structure and function of testis and decrease of ... male fertility. The major organs which came under the damage due to cell phone radiations are leydig cells, and seminiferous tubules. Testosterone biogenesis is affected and DNA sperm damage occurs by radiations due to the cell phone [18]. The radiofrequency radiation of Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz has harmful effects on semen. The use of Wi-Fi devices has close contact with our body [19]. Exposure of human sperms to Wi-Fi internet connected with laptop causes decrease the motility and increase the DNA fragmentation due to the non-thermal effect. These types of technologies must be used carefully by pregnant women while it is plugged-in, [20] when male is exposed the effects of environment is cause of decrease of the capabilities of male infertility. These are the hazardous effects on the sperm parameters (structure and mobility) [21]. A significant decrease in the motile sperms was found by Wdowiak. Total 65.7% of patients who were not using cell phones that are showed normal sperm motility but 17% of patients showed abnormal sperm motility who was cell phone users [22]." ivory or beige wears for flower girl

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