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While I appreciate the author's interest in improving the life experience of women, I wish it was more clear that this, "article" is almost purely opinion. The only thing the author writes about side effects of menstrual suppression is, "As far as risks, Dr. Saleeby said that there are no known risks for using birth control continuously beyond the side effect profile that already exists for the drug." Wouldn't it be worth listing what those side effects are, rather than prese items to wear for the grade of 5th graduation purpose ... nting chemically-induced menstrual suppression as a safe option?

While I have not conducted an informal facebook survey of my friends' experience with menstrual suppression, I was in a busy private practice for 10 years and the incredible suffering I saw with many women who chose to use synthetic hormones (which is what is suggested--in various forms in this article) to suppress menstruation, was significant.

In Chapter 11 of Balance Your Hormones..., I summarize the issues, concerns and proven risks around chemically-induced menstrual suppression. It is my fervent wish that women reading this article, and wondering what course of action to take themselves, will educate themselves on the very real risks associated with this particular course of action. Along with Balance Your Hormones, I would also suggest, "The Pill: Are You Sure Its For You."…/well/live/how-to-stop-your-period.…

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How to stop your period More women are trying menstruation suppression to improve their quality of