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The muscles in our body perform various functions like
maintaining posture by steady contraction, making
movements of the skeleton and generating body heat by cell
metabolism. Muscular system diseases include muscle
pain, weakness in the muscles and paralysis. It could be ...
caused by various conditions like hormonal disorder, auto-
immune problem, genetic factor, infections, cancer or
misuse of the muscle.
Muscular System Diseases
1. Muscular Dystrophy
In this genetic disease, a group of muscle diseases cause
the damage of muscle fiber. There is no specific cure for it
and the symptoms include weakness, immobility and
imbalance. The common diseases under this category are
Duchenne, Myotonia, Becker, Limb Girdle and
2. Cerebral Palsy
Cerebral palsy is a very common congenital disorder that
affects the posture, balance and motor functions. Muscle
tone is lost during pregnancy or during child birth. Physical items to wear for cocktail party that is not expensive
tasks become difficult because of this disorder.
3. Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva
In this muscular system disease, soft tissue hardens and
becomes bone-like permanently. Bone grows between
joints and movements get permanently restricted. There is
no effective cure available. Only pain management can be
done through medication.
4. Dermatomyositis
In this condition, there is inflammatory myopathy affecting
skin and muscle. It is an autoimmune disease harming the
connective tissue and weakening the muscles. There is no
cure for this condition, but the progression can be
controlled by taking corticosteroids and immunosuppressive
5. Compartment Syndrome
The blood vessels, muscles and nerves get compressed in a
closed area, which ends up in cutting off the oxygen supply.
The result is tissue death which can even lead to paralysis.
Immediate treatment is the surgery known as fasciotomy.
The pressure on muscles will be released after the surgery.
6. Myasthenia Gravis
In this autoimmune disease, there is muscle weakness and
fatigue which are ca

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