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So an update on the plagiarist. The fan fiction site was proactive about taking down this person's listings and has removed their account entirely. I wish I could say this is the end of it and everything is happy rainbows, unicorn farts, and all that awesome stuff. But here's the reality: Within seconds of getting this news I was notified of another plagiarized listing of my book. Different "author" (Believe me, I use that term loosely) and this time they're passing it off as Twilight fanfiction. This could very well be the same person. More than likely it is, but who knows.

There's something I'd like to address--particularly as a PSA for any authors who might be reading this. I've heard the rumblings around the issue of pirates "translating" versions of our books and their argument that this is a favor to us. I won't even address that particular bullshit argument because I'm trying to keep this post as free of curse words as I can. What I will say is this is the other potential outcome of these ILLEGAL pirated book translations. There will be assholes who aren't satisfied with just having the translations out there. They will change the names of our characters, plagiarize the entire book, and claim it as their own.

I hate that this is one more thing we authors have to worry about. I hate that this is one more thing rolling around in my head, making me wonder why I even bother writing books if they're just going to be stolen by some anonymous shithead. But I won't let this defeat me or stop me from writing. Because I AM a writer, unlike these plagiarists and pirates. But here's the thing I wish these people understood. What they're doing has a consequence. It's getting tougher and tougher to make a livable wage as an author. I write for the love of it, but publishing is another beast. The reality is it costs money to put out a book, and it costs money to market it so that people will hopefully see it and maybe buy it. I guarantee that if everyone decided to stop buying my books tomorrow I would not be able to publish anymore. That is a fact. I also know this is a reality for the vast majority of authors. how to get sexy wedding wears which won't cost much

Stealing from us does hurt us, both on a financial level and an emotional level. I'm going to close on that statement because that's pretty much the crux of all of it.