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Is Cracking Your Neck Bad? Part 1 of 4

Sometimes you find yourself rolling your neck and feeling a popping sound after you have been sitting for a long period of time in the same position. Many people even experience a sense of relief after cracking their neck. However, the question still remains, is it okay to crack your neck?

So, is Cracking Your Neck Bad? ...
Yes. Cracking your neck is bad. However, the occasional, unforced cracking is not bad. When you repeatedly crack your neck you will cause pressure to build up around your joints.

This pressure build up may cause one of two things: it will cause unwanted cartilage build up or a blood clot. Pressure building up around your joints will cause your ligaments to over stretch, creating an unstable support. Once your ligaments are overstretched, they can no longer properly support your joints so the cartilage between your vertebrae will begin to wear down. halter neck wedding bridal outfits

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