gypsy wedding dress

I don't know if a student in Swartz Creek high school Bev Collins or her Airport-Intern experienced sister Darlene were related to the Mr. Collins that I caught going into my trailer atTropic Breeze park after I had to leave two houses and a condo turned Villa without my input -permission here. My relatives using my ancestry and banking information somehow? helping...Including an elder Mr. Collins I caught ten or more years ago, entering my then Whiter Argosy Airstream at Tropic Breeze, no one around to see him..My car was being fixed and not in the Drive at Tropic Breeze.Possibly a relative of my Ex's a Wallet (Gedoes Gaede wife) waiting at Ranch Mobile possibly with one of uncle's and Scot or Irish band friends for anything useful he found to forge or add to the family jewelry of forged Irish to America wedding pictures.All hoping to escape to 'family) Ashbourne Homes? Scotland Mission for Leprosy for Jack Nelson's Dr. Friends visiting...Scotland?
Did Charity tax-free entertaining become my cousins 1 to 100's only work? catering and bartending Walker Drugs and out of state Walker Young using Waiting for Yacht Club entertaining catering $. I guess even Jack's Oxford likes Grocers now?
. Al this was possibly started around my Andrew' Young a fencing coach at U of M 50's and his wife's a Ferguson with passed on Muscular Dystrophy. My uncles, their steps, their Ferguson funeral friends worked for Hollywood Polio ?Then with charity around Children's hospitals and Hollywood charity. Everyone in family possibly was allowed to forge Scot Irish and dancing half=relatives? a Hint of Royal and auntie making scrapbooks with my pictures for even mafia also wanted by the Catholic Church and Hollywood project money Angels from Saint of Ne Orleans? Mahon? and their Stuart? genealogy pals. Galleries had lots of reformed shady money to sell and cater ith while also having entertainment, with a Royal or Star guest.Others making Scrapbooks with new heads on my Wating family old stolen photos. Some had my dad in costumes like Domino from old Club dances in I as well as Ball dress in England
All now with new faces of Thomas's to Thompson? Now Circus related to Rodger's first wife of a year the Thomas relatives not liking her background, Stylists at GM not liking my dad, he turned down car designs.
. I don't think I like her background either? While I am forever nickeled and dimed onto Medicaid someday (not same in all state) while they retire with to England Scotland or Wales with free medical. Including Scots half Lebanese Liberians Haitians Armenians, Greeks? all dancing in Young kilts
Now DNA testing stopped all that for awhile. All family like- Lykes Tract? are not pleased? and will continue to stifle me and son? Still after all my photos (which I continue to put on computer sites to be copied if they want but will not erase the original more every time it is put on a bright copier!!!!
My mothers in her original Renaissance veil no the one my aunt put a braided replacement on for her own wedding to Swanson (to Young and Saarinen Nelson also? wedding and my Cranbrook related photos all with new heads?
and my wedding pictures already with hundreds on new heads? or stop? now to forge.
I don't like those helping a Bev Collins newer? book to appear making me or my son part of their Bishop AP Plans. With Cuz Warnock To Mack Allen and Ambrose Anderson slander of a lifetime.spread at Alumnae parties, I was not asked to or never attended.Ambrose HS or Cranbrook and U of M Simpson a real or made up cousin of a cousin of y dads Cousin Gordon Simpson builders, part of the Thomas to Thomas to Thomson and Mack Malls they were asked to join after building one college a building? and all Simpson Development U of M CAA Simpsons Maryland. U f M.
All of this harassment by Lyndon La Rousch or Mormon Ponzi style investors including Aussie and US hoped for CIA projects or shadowing FBI mafia projects here. How many people know one badge from another. ? MacDonald Aussie yellow paper.their Aussie and NZ cleanup of criminal backgrounds with my cousins that took over Australian property that should have been mine or my sons after my father's. A Tansley Shanely and Wilson enemy of my dad's project. . . They ruined my ex Rodger Macks career as an important sculptor in his own Lifetime also.. While sis i law and my aunt her sis in law,used my relative works as part of a U of M Simpson? creativity study 1950's also by Cranbrook Richard DeVore and others in a . U of M Creativity project with forged information added? By cranbrook neighbors Young Bagnasco? . My work started and Stopped around child and gardening and had los of new different starts. For them to use themselves a spare time fun as it got into museum regionals and galleries other than their own to show in each other's galleries. . : gypsy wedding dress
Beverly or others ae still doing a rewrite of my life and accomplishments that perhaps my younger sister in law intends to place in my casket (I don't have one) as like Mrs. Harathies ancestry is used by some adopted daughter? stolen and forged for other adopted . The same that took my small son to adopt the people another Su professor made my relatives to add to their gypsy in third grade. They have his signature from his schooling forever.
by who stole her ancestry for adopted around SU?
Miami? After long ago her book about a visit to my very nice home and finding a sweatshirt under my bed? I didn't read it but it appears she may have tried to write another while watching me being robbed by my cleaner betters. Like the relatives that started all this from Detroit also in Hospital cleaning? Alas, I remain a slob but one that had interesting tall ships (not LA steamer to plantations) sea captains and a shipyard that my son is not supposed to Sorry it is to cold to stay will edit after coffee maybe...bettr clean up. Have to quit will edit all of the lst for my own website including Genealogy of only my direct relatives included By By to visiting pirates..alas no ghetto Pirates...Where would hospitals be without Ghettos to supply parts for rich people?