grey colored items to wear of the prom

oh ok so he still ain't home for his first day out ok I am not gonna play no more I don't give a fuck how grown he is which one of U fuck asses went to go see him when he was locked up? ok which one put money in his canteen? which one went to at leas one of his court dates? which one of U fuck bitches evcen wrote him a fuckin letter sayuin what up homie? and U call urselves his friend why cause he's good enough to pick up and get him high knowin he gonna get dropped? oh that's right he grown though right and U are sorry ass excuses for friends know that shit especially those of u who don't have kids good thing too, Yall all fucked up and got me fucked up for somebody else if ya think I aint gonna say shit that's my baby and I ain't gonna play when it comes to him believe that shit and ya I am posting this shit frfr and don't care who don't like it !!!!!!!!! Stop getting him High and I won't say shit!!!!!! Fake ass folks and U know who U are!!!! grey colored items to wear of the prom