glitter bridesmaid dresses

This picture is from my niece, Janice's wedding in the dining room of the private school she attended in Brooklyn. The people who might be taking the picture because they are not in it are my brother, Eddie (but his wife is not in the picture, so maybe he wasn't there.) Also Sal, the big picture taker. Unless we weren't married yet? I am not sure of when this was taken, but if I can send it to Jan she will, of course, know. That is me on the far left, with the short short dress, the rector of All Saints Church, 7th Ave. in Brooklyn...ok, I can't see the picture while I do this so I am not sure of the order but you can see Jim Crane, father of the bride and my sister Mary, mother of the bride. The other people are, of course, Janice and Bryan, bride and groom, and my parents and Bryan's parents. Jan and Bryan are in their 60's now, grandparents, and you know about me. glitter bridesmaid dresses