emerald green bridesmaid dresses

【Emerald Bride】
Wealthy marriage-woman
Burmese jewelry tycoon, married his daughter recently shocked the country, the bride's entire wear body jade costumes, worth hundreds of millions of dollars (Photos)
【Emerald Wedding】
Recently, an "emerald wedding" in Yangon, Myanmar, shocked the entire nation. The bride's father, Myanmar's rich jewelery businessman, well-known in the society home and aboard , from bridal’s head to toe full ofemerald wedding, genuine prices on the billions. Although Myanmar is a poor country, the Burmese people's indulgent character is a tradition in life and they envy and pursue this move. So my friends, what do you think? Envy endless? No scruples? Meaningless?
【Jade Clothing】
A picture is a thousand word , as evidence, can not be fake. Photo shows the wedding , the bride's headdress hair accessories, earrings, necklaces, hand rings, double bracelets, as well as shawls, priceless ... ... at a glance, full of green, decent generous gold Yellow new traditional dress, dazzling. Burma, where the poor country and the poverty is all over living hand to mouth, has such blatant manifestations of private wealth in broad daylight and its place is openly and worthy of concern. emerald green bridesmaid dresses
A single bride neck string of jade beads in this layer of layers, all the uniform color, fashion and noble design, the innermost few laps are also set with diamonds to help out.
The bride's shoulder shawl is a purely hand-made luxury one, a crystal clear emerald beads, stitched up the art masterpieces.
After the wedding embroidered with gold gem trim, matched with green jade beads, all the way charming style.
Bridal Sisters group of a bunch of green emerald necklace.
Samaya's bridesmaid also wore a bunch of green necklaces, lined with bright yellow clothes.
Wedding, the bride and groom exchange of affectionate token, still emerald ...
According to media estimates, all the emeralds appearing at the wedding scene add up to a total value of about 100 million U.S. dollars.