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Working in organisation gives you great experiences, when I got the opportunity to work at National front, friends and Comrades from different states called 'Comrade Punjab'. It connects your diversity in National unity with all good, Now being here in Moscow, Russia as a member of 'International Organising Committee' for International Festival of Youth and Students, it gives another good experience when friends from different countries call you 'Comrade India' or a step ahea ... d like 'Asian Comrades'. This provides the share that the aim is One and that is Revolution for each and every creature of this Earth to make it more beautiful and equal for all. Yesterday when I arrived in Moscow I had a pocket batch of 'Bhagat Singh' on seeing this a Comrade from Portugal said 'Hey this is Comrade Bhagat Singh' , I just smiled. I wish this mission to continue with full swing. "Long live Revolution" Respect for Soviet Union which changed the world view. Red Salute V.I.Lenin country lace wedding dresses

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