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Holy Mother of all new set of symptoms! This Lyme Disease is so confusing and totally unpredictable......
I had been feeling pretty good. Last dose of IV antibiotic was Tuesday and they pulled the Picc Line. Then Neuro Dr. and Cardiology Dr. was on Thursday with release to go back to work in two weeks. Dr. Burks (Cardiology) asked me it my core/torso had been effected with any muscle spasms or weakness and i said no- just my arms and legs.
Not 6 hours later on Thursday night, ... I began to get what felt like 'a stitch' in my left side. Within an hour.... I felt like my ribs were being crushed. Pain like I have never had up into my left shoulder and could only take in a third of my normal breath. Rode that out for 30 hours. Could not lay down and sat up, in a chair, without sleeping. Very scary stuff!!!! Muscle spasms so bad- I would cry out with the slightest movement and don't dare cough, burp, or sneeze. casual and informal wedding wears look flapper
Better today....... was able to sleep from 5am till noon, finally. Still have left apical chest pain into my left shoulder, but am able to move and breathe.
Ghadzooks! What's next?

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