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Finally doctors come out with some good nutritional advice with what I've been saying for 20 years. Don't give juice to children and even adults for that matter. Most all juice is from pesticide laden fruit. Juice is a concentration of that pesticide and sugar. Most often the fiber is filtered out so nothing to slow down sugar release into the bloodstream and spike sugar levels. A serving of juice is 4 oz for an adult, but many consume a serving of more than that. Juice serving should be small come from fresh organic fruit and hopefully contain pulp and is non filtered. Never put anything but water and organic formula in bottles unless you want to rot teeth and set up a child for a lifetime of cavities. Instead eat the WHOLE FRUIT. It is perfect and no sugar spikes because the fiber surrounds it so takes longer to digest and release. bohemian style gowns for formal party show

No fruit juice before age 1, say pediatricians Juice "just packs in more sugar and calories," the group