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During my days in the University, I hear majority of ladies saying I am a big girl. I have what it takes. I have everything. I pondered on this claims and assertions time without number, and I asked myself who actually is a BIG GIRL? What does been a big girl entails? Are you among the true big girls on earth today? black lace wedding dress
Sit back with a glass cup of chilled water while I explain to us who a big girl is. Your contributions to this write up will be of great inspiration cum benefit to us.

ANSWER :::::The fact that different guys pick you up every Friday night does not make you a big girl.
The fact that you wear all the latest clothes in the market does not make you a big girl.
And of the fact that you use the latest phone and different guys pay money into your account does not make you an actual big girl.
It does not even make you smart! You are only wasting away your FUTURE! WHAT DO YOU THINK, DO YOU HAVE ANY OBJECTION TO THIS ?

ANSWER :: A big girl is a girl who uses the brain in her head. She is not the one who flirts with all the rich men around her.

She is the girl who respects her relationship and marriage.
She is every man's queen, decently dressed. A lady that does not expose her boots publicly with intention to seduce men.

A big girl respects the value of womanhood. She carries herself with dignity.

Stop boasting about the number of men you've slept with my dear.... Remember, cheap articles have more patronizers.. Build yourself into the woman people will always respect and admire. Never follow men who will make a mess of your life.
Be bold but humble, be Godly.. Be hardworking, be ambitious but contented.. Don't make men a priority in life.. Real men will seek you!
Build yourself into the woman, men will always want to take home to their mamas and papas. Not the one they only want to take to hotels and clubs. TRUST ME, if you just trap a man with your body, he'll go one day. Do you disagree?
Work on your character, let God be your foundation,.
A big girl is one whose God is Jehovah and she fears Him and keep his commandments....
Have a blessed weekend frds

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