beige or ivory color wears for a wedding

Just finished watching the 1958 movie war of the colossal beast this movie stars Sally Fraser , Russ Bender , RICO , Alaniz , Frank Jenks. Even though not directly marketed as a sequel for the class obese it relatively is this movie stars are man he's grown over 60 feet tall and survive a barrage of missiles and falling into a giant gorge to reappear in Mexico and attack grocery tracks for sustenance is brought back to the US or it escapes and grabs the powerlines at the end ... to the side to commit suicide and this is actually kind of the famous scene where the movie a little black-and-white all the way up to this point when he grabs the powerlines and it flashes in the color I guess supposedly to bring in pack to this movie it just really felt very short all and I just felt it was more boring than anything else the acting wasn't really all that great the plot is at the appointed been kind of overdone it's just all in all not really a terrible movie more just a boring movie I just can't want to 10 I give this one a four out of 10. beige or ivory color wears for a wedding

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