bat mitzvah dresses

This came through my memories today!
This was so long ago, I loved that dress so much my grandma made it for me if I remember correctly. Once the wedding had past. It was used for playing dress up, and for a Halloween costume!
I had so many dreams when I wore that dress, my imagination would just go....I would pretend so many different things, I always felt so pretty in that dress as well. So many fond memories come flooding back when I see pictures like this, I can still remember exactly how soft the dress was and how much I loved the way it wrapped around me when I twirled!!
Also when I look at this picture I think about how care free a child can be, and how open their mind is to endless possibilities!! Why does this ever have to stop?.... Why as adults do we get so Jaded by what "should be" instead of what "could be"? If I would of never lost that mind set, I can only imagine what I would be doing! I still have my creative and open mind, but it has not been used the way it used to... bat mitzvah dresses
However in the last 2 years that has started to change, and I'm forever grateful and it's all because of one little word..... "YES"

So let's live the "Could be " life instead of the "Should be" life!!

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