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My Naija experience since my return.....

There is almost zero saving culture among the youths. Most of them spend everything they earn.

Once you are generous with the little you have, it will be perceived that you have so much and you don't know what to do with it.


If you visit a restaurant and you don't tip/ grease the palms of the waiters, be sure that you will not get a premium treatment when next you visit.

You are recognised and treated as a human being only when they introduce you as the son of a big man, a big title, a moneybag or UK/US returnee.

Handiwork people (plumbers, mason, electricians etc) will only do a good job if they over charge you or if they collaborate with the seller of the building materials to inflate the price of the items.

There is honesty deficit in the system as almost everyone want to fleece the next person of his money in order to 'hammer'.

An occasion like birthday or wedding reception is usually delayed until a so called big man arrives before it will begin and the focus of the event will be shifted from the celebrant to the 'big man'. God help you if the 'big man' is a politician. Pink Prom Dresses 2020

Almost everyone wants to rollout his life achievement at the slightest opportunity. Something like "me ma I don arrive".

Dress simple and you are poor, dress gorgeous and you are rich.

The easiest way to scam someone is to invoke the name of God with some supporting scripture verses.

Lodge in a hotel in a city where you have a house and it will be said that you went to sleep with prostitutes.

Travel and Lodge in a hotel in a city where you have friends and relatives and it will be perceived that you have so much money to waste.

In order to be respected, have money irrespective of the source. Nobody cares how you got the money.

You must live like the people in your neighbourhood irrespective of whether it is right or wrong, else you will be tagged with derogatory names as a nonconformist.

The reading culture among young people is dead! Social media has taken over.

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