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I tossed and turned all night. I couldn't get myself to sleep because of a slightly burning pain on the lower left side of my abdomen. That same annoying pain I've been having on and off for the past 12 years. I've been to any doctor I could go to on every continent I have visited. I've had diagnoses that ranged from fibromyalgia to ankylosing spondylitis. I've even been to a gastroenterologist who declined the need for a colonoscopy (THANK GOD)..
Then, I started itching all ... over, my skin, my eyes, and my scalp..I thought to myself "it must be the dust". We've been suffering from dust storms for weeks and the house is still covered in dust besides the hair and dander shared by my lovely cats. It was time to get up to wake the kids for school, so I gave up on sleeping and began my morning routine with them. Basically nagging my son and reprimanding my daughter, both teenagers (a story I will tell on another post). I was standing in the kitchen preparing their morning tea with milk and thought "I really need to take an antihistamine, this itching is killing me on top of the abdominal side pain" so I opened my medicine drawer and took the strongest non drowsy antihistamine I have. Within 20 mins I couldn't keep my eyes open, I had relief from the itching but more surprising I had relief in my abdomen. That's really strange. I'm taking one of the strongest medication on earth besides chemo. A biological known as Humira didn't even put a dent into my abdominal pain, yet this over the counter antihistamine did? I did my google search and what do you know! Scientists know about it but doctors don't treat with it.. could I have IBS and not know it?! The IBS meds I was given for the pain didn't even work. I'm impressed!! If you have IBS try an antihistamine, it just might work!! Dress Affordable beach wedding wears suitable for mother of the bride

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How having hay fever could ease IBS... Scientists from KU Leuven in Belgium tested the common antihistamine ebastine on IBS patients - and found it decreased the hypersensitivity of a pain receptor that causes abdominal stress.www.dailymail.co.uk