Communion Dresses 2020

I cannot begin to thank everyone who came and made our day so special. But I must add some extra thank you's to those who I could not have done all this without:

Faithe-maree Brown you rock. Not only have you literally been there every step of the way in and off crutches but you have been there through all my emotional blowouts.

Codi Brown you are amazing. The cake was delicious, your toast heartfelt, and you were such a beautiful maid of honor.


Katelynn Prather you have done so much of the heavy work and never complained this past month when I asked will you go rock.

Jaime Scherer another beautiful bridesmaid with wonderful ideas, and supplier of our pitchers.

Amy Marie Westfall you came, you saw, and you rocked. You saw me at my low and helped keep it all in perspective. When you were suppose to be on vacation you pitched in and worked as hard as everyone else. And thank you for being Tim's awesome groomsman.

Dan and Cheri Miller my new family! Thank you for coming out. Your help was amazing. And I have an awesome new mom and dad. We all agree we want you to move here, let us help care for you as much as you have cared for an amazing son and me during the wedding. We love you two. Communion Dresses 2020

Kari Skalicky and Larry thank you for a capturing our memories and taking care of little needs I didn't see.

Harvey Malloch the tier of all things tie. Thank you for help setting up and handling the dress issues.

Dan and Barbara Powers thank uou for shuttling, setting up, cooking and making teas, and for being an awesome best man.

Caleb Gray thank you for volunteering your time, being the timing guy and a great friend to Codi.

I am sure I forgot someone. Thank you all. And we love you all so much.

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