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This Isn't Love.....!
I care about you,might give you my heart;
If you don't care about me, things will never start.
If it's not mutual we aren't like doves;
Then, what we have going on, isn't Love. ...
I'm beginning to trust you, share with you, my fears;
You say you won't betray me, or leave me in tears.
Instead you tell others, wishing me, you were rid of;
How can you betray me, well, this isn't Love.
You say that you love me, just as I am;
Yet you try to change me, every moment you can.
You are doing this, for whose benefit of?
Being under your thumb, just isn't Love.
You say that I'm smart, so very kind;
Then you tell me I'm stupid, in front of others you find?
You beat down my self esteem, then say, I'm highly thought of; Black Homecoming Dresses 2020
You are unbelievably cruel, this isn't Love.
She does all that she can, it still isn't enough;
You've given her a black eye, bruises, stuff.
You hit her, as though, she's a baseball glove
Only a coward hits a woman, as this isn't Love.
I have seen many women, be abused, by a man;
Get away from this violence, as quick as you can.
When a man hits a woman, he is damned, by God above;
Protect yourself get out, because this isn't Love.
If you are so damaged, afraid to leave;
It will get worse, until you don't breathe.
Don't let him hit you, or give you a shove;
He doesn't respect you, this isn't Love.


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